Just before the Haûte Couture’s magic starts, Paris welcomes an event where Couture  embraces fast fashion, design, WEBUX, CX, digital technology.

This lovestory brings a newborn: e-couture.

Oliver Lapidus it’s the responsible of this new project. His professional background worldwide has finally found a new challenge: the creation of a Maison de Couture Digitale.

Olivier Lapidus has proven how the Coture business needs to face the digital challenge’s opportunity.

His Haûte Couture presentation has been a full 360 degrees’ experience: a fashion film where the spectator can be hypnotised whether if there’s a love towards fashion or not. A visual piece of art which works as a perfect business card. And, of course, as a tool for approaching fashion to people.


A presentation of the collection with the model who has been featured in the fashion film. This acted like a click connecting our taste towards Lapidus.

And, at the same time, the designer and his team introduced us to his luxury website. An amazing e-boutique where the customer can have a complete and accurate view about the details behind each design; select size, colour and know more about each piece.

And feeling the magic of Haute Couture via online has been the great challenge faced by Olivier.

His website shows a complete view about the details of a super feminine and sexy couture where also accessories played a relevant role in all of the looks.

Olivier Lapidus’ collection remixes the modern futuristic patterns, structured bodies and mini skirts, with the artisan work done by expertise couturiers.

I had also the pleasure of meeting the young creatives behind the website : Werkstatt . An agency based in Paris which is specialised in helping luxury brands with their lovestories with the online universe.

The atmosphere, the intimacy and the hospitality of Olivier Lapidus and Feativeau RP made us to enjoy a beautiful parisine soirée.