Fierce has been probably the adjective to describre Michiko Koshino SS18 collection.

Cotton, elasticated cotton and Nylon has been the main characters to tribute Japanese baseball of the 40s and 50s. Also; a sport which takes part of designer’s childhoold memories in Osaka.

A home round achieved after many years improving her magestry with patterns, fabrics and volums. This shows how comfortable Michiko feels by testing her skills and risking.


After 40 years living in UK, Michiko owns this rare hability only Japanesse designers have: take the British patterns and craftmanship into the streets of Japan. The result, something which you clearly identify both countries and roots.

Sophistication dressing the spirit of sport. Maybe, the new variety of sartorial, because sport doesn´t mean there is less complexity in pattern, desing and confection.

This winner team completes its equipment with the collaboration of brand Good News, which has designed a special baseball sneakers for this collection.

Go beyond the idea of a special collection design for a specific urban group. The unisex patterns, within the joy of play, will bring amazing combination.

Enjoy this proposal. We are pretty sure most of the urban trendsetters are ready to wear it. Either us, in Amenity Magazine.