It’s been like a premonition. Dessert, orient and adventurers are bathing the PFWM SS18 collections in the midst of a fierce sun. Too much hot!! But not enough for those who love and work in fashion industry.

For next SS18 the general trend for mens its about “Come on! Pick up your luggage and let’s travel and get lost somewhere”. Yes, the city it’s too hot to spend the summer…

For sure, similar to the main subject we have seen in LFWM.

But, as always, Paris owns a peculiar DNA.

As far as I am concerned, this PFWM SS18 could be considered as the oficial recognition of the modern man needs. Which means, men’s fashion is being the more and more comparable to women’s.

Designs look more for adaptability and confort. Main needs of our gentlemen. The modern lifestyle demands movement, speed, comfortability, durabiity, quality, … without forgetting the value of a good design with personality.

So, designers have been mostly focussed on these rules, and also provided an injection for the confident of our man.

I consider as very special the use of colours associated to females -as seen in Sean Suen’s collection-, as well as fabrics -like silk, lurex, lace- and patterns -high waist pants, boyfriend blazers, pijamas and kimonos; architectonic sleeves-. Also, I dare to say there is an Haûte Couture for man, beyond the stricted sartorial made to measure. Which means, freedom of ideas, and good news to the industry-

I truly belive this is a big advance and premonition that man and woman will share wardrobe, space and fashion weeks.