Christian Andersen and «The Wild Swans». Art deco interiors and jewelry. And Gyunel.

These are the main ingredients of a special fariry tale designed by Gyunel.

As an artist, the tale begins breathing the air around Gyunel’s hands in her oil painting work.

Then the story acquires a 3D dimension into prints on organza, crepe, jacquard and feathers.

And Gyunel’s tale and her swan have finally welcomed us at the magnificent Ritz Paris-Vendôme. Needless to say that, such story, deserves to be told at the proper place. And, Paris and Le Ritz, are the perfect guests that took part by creating the accurate atmosphere for this exquisite  haute couture presentation.

As always, we use to see behind a great talent great dosis of heritage, passion and philosophy. All of this helps in providing a unique identity in a couture world where, many times, we could hardly see beyond a princess gown.

The Azerbaijan roots flowing through Gyunel’s veins, turn her paints into a piece of her beloved home. The way she develops silhouettes and the election of the fabrics is something which belongs to her roots.

And I pay attention to this personal background and memories, as I think this makes a lot of sense about the purity and truth behind a gown.

A good example of that was the pink diamond cut long dress. A constructed corset in Art Deco shape and metallic rose threaded jacquard, announces the arrival of a majestic long pannelled skirt in pink ostrich and an array of rose gold feathers.

There was another Art Deco piece, so wearable -hope to see it soon in many celebrities-. A light blue metallic mini dress, built following the contemporary architecture. The skirt plays with embroiled multimedia squares with spiral staircase and extension in metallic crinoline.



The epicentre of this fairy tale shown an incredible 5 meter long customised teal ombre effect woven silk and lurex jacquard with five colours of crystals embroidered on it for galaxy-like effect. Silk printed appliqué of first oil painting of “The Wild Swans” interpretation by Gyunel, beaded with bugle beads crystals and feathers.

Guynel’s exquisiteness always look for the best materials, quality and partners. Her embroidery has been brilliantly boosted by emblematic Preciosa Components. More than five centuries of background and tradition in the Crystal Valley of Bohemia. Quality, durability and innovation for a beautiful tale.


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