The designer and photographer Stéphanie Renoma will present from April 5th to 16th a retrospective exhibition at Paris 8th District City Hall.

Stéfanie Renoma is a nonconformist and atypical artist, playing with the male body, having fun modelling it to give it a shady ambiguity, a double identity, reinforced by staging and ornament. Her standard model: the androgynous, the double, the “male woman”, the “female man”.

Wandering for almost twenty years in a rock-arty way through the paths of fashion, Stefanie Renoma places art and style at the core of the mocking eroticism of these time conveying a message of freedom and humour, her work is permeated with these images and plays with mirror effects or shell games between heavy feminity and framed masculinity.

A graduate form the Ecole Supérieure d´Art Moderno and ESMOD, as well as a designer and artistic director, she now embarks on a new direction giving way to the imaginary, conveyed by photos and videos where symbolism and confusion of genders express her fascination with the experiencie of oneself facing one´s most intimate double.

A designer and photographer poetically unveiling feminine and masculine mysteries, Stéfanie Renoma choses and offbeat plastic lyricism with a hint of humour throught which she keeps on questioning her creative process. She proves that there are still beautiful surprises in a beautiful person.

Certainly, an exhibition highly recommendable. 



Mairie du 8e

3 Rue de Lisbonne, 75008 Paris

From 05th April to 16th April 2018