Attending to PFW is always an exciting pleasure for any fashion editor.

Photo by: Olivier Saillant and Jesper Haynes

Paris is plenty of shows, events, beauty, creativity, talent, history, … but, its essence of  This PFW celebration, there is always one special show: the CHANEL one.

Karl Lagerfeld is an unstoppable waterfall of energy, hardworkd and talent. His shows are created for make us dream. The real essence of the fashion show. Yes, only available for a few ones -and the riskers who put their creativity and soul into public’s hands-.

Le Grand Palais is “Chez Chanel”. The house, the theathre which hosts the scenary for the Chanel’s fashion shows. An incredible monument and architecture playing with Lagerfeld’s vision. An icon of the ville of Paris.

For next SS18, Chanel invited us to a journey full of waterfalls: the canyon of Georges du Verdon, located in the South of France.

As Karl Lagerfeld confess in the interview “there is no life, without water”. And his breathed life into Chanel’ SS18 collection, by playing with textures and the colours brought by the light when dances around the drops of water.

The iconic lurex, chiffon, lace, … in a range of aquatic colors, where embroidery plays the role of drops of water full of beauty.

Photo by: Olivier Saillant and Jesper Haynes
Photo by: Olivier Saillant and Jesper Haynes

Talking about Chanel and Lagerfeld is talking about a complete universo where accesories and jewels have a relevant role in the fashion film.

Photo by: Olivier Saillant and Jesper Haynes

So, time, accesories are ready to play with the water. Translucent platic, simulating the water covering the boots, gloves, jewels and hats. And Chanel iconic bags also adapted their design this season, CHANEL’s GABRIELLE bag is in “needled” PVC and in rubber while the BOY CHANEL bag is in iridescent PVC.

Photos by: Olivier Saillant and Jesper Haynes

A joy of life and nature, where CHANEL becomes the most chic waterproof piece for the woman.